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12 Cheapest Healthy Vegetables: Healthiest Low-Cost Vegetables

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When you think about eating healthy, you initially come to the conclusion that there is going to be a hefty price tag attached to it. This is somewhat true, many nutrient-dense foods tend to be quite expensive. This is the reason why many people simply opt to eat cheap junk food.


Though nutrient-dense foods can be expensive, there is quite a selection of healthy and affordable vegatables that you can pick. Vegetables tend to be packed with nutrients and are considered extremely healthy for you.


All vegetables are nutritious, however, some are more nutritious than others making some vegetables healthier for you. When you are buying vegetables, surely you want to pick the ones that are the most nutritious, to ensure that you are getting the most value for your money. Hence, we bring you our list of 12 cheapest healthy vegetables that are packed with nutrients and costs the least number of pennies. 


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1. Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash is a deliciously nutritious vegetable that is rather affordable and should be included in your diet. 


Compared to winter squash, butternut squash provides a greater amount of nutrients. It contains a good amount of vitamin A, C, potassium and magnesium. It is also a reliable source of soluble fibre and antioxidants which provides various health benefits such as weight control and reduced risk of heart disease. 


Butternut squash is not expensive. It is priced a little over $1 for a pound. That is a whole lot of nutrition for a small price. 


2. Green Cabbage

Green cabbage is a great budget-friendly vegetable that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin C, K and some B vitamins. You also find trace minerals in green cabbage. 


Green cabbage contains antioxidants called glucosinolates which have been proved to protect the body against certain types of cancer.


The nutrients in green cabbage have also been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. It is a versatile vegetable that can be prepared in various ways and is easy to include in your diet. You can enjoy it in a salad or make coleslaw. You can even ferment it to make sauerkraut. 


At about $0.58 per pound, green cabbage is one of the most nutritious and affordable vegetables available. 


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3. Carrots

If you are on a tight budget, you should really include carrots in your grocery list. Carrots are extremely nutrient-dense and are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene


Beta-carotene is responsible for the impressive amounts of vitamin A in carrots. Vitamin A promotes good eyesight and aids the function of the immune system. 


Carrots are also loaded with vitamin C, K, potassium, manganese and fibre. They have a high antioxidant content which makes them useful in avoiding and preventing certain types of cancer. 


You can eat carrots raw or cook them within various dishes. They can be a great addition to a salad or can be added to a stew or stir fry for added nutrition. 


Carrots go at around $0.74 per pound, which isn’t too expensive. In fact, carrots are one of the most affordable and nutritionally dense vegetables in the market. 


4. Canned Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great source of nutrients. Though fresh tomatoes may be expensive in one sense, canned tomatoes are rather affordable. This nutritious addition to your meals usually cost about $0.90 a pound. 


Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, A, E, K and certain B vitamins. They also contain trace amounts of minerals.


Tomatoes work to reduce the effects of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. It also works to reduce blood pressure levels, both of which are considered risk factors of heart disease. Hence eating tomatoes would mean you are less likely to suffer from heart disease. On top of that, tomatoes are known to have anti-cancer properties and can work to protect you against certain types of cancer. 


They contain a good amount of an antioxidant called lycopene, which reduces inflammation and protects cells from damage. This tremendously lowers the risk of disease in those who consume tomatoes. 


Canned tomatoes work great in a number of dishes. Whether you are making soup, casseroles or even stews, you know adding tomatoes add great flavour.


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5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an extremely healthy vegetable and are also rather affordable. A pound of sweet potatoes will cost about $0.92 and provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals. 


They are high in beta-carotene which means they are high in vitamin A. Vitamin A plays an integral role in eye health and is linked to good eyesight. 


They also contain good amounts of B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium and fibre. Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. 


Sweet potatoes can be steamed, baked or even roasted. There are many ways you can enjoy the vegetable and it can be included in almost any dish.


6.  Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are a great source of nutrients and bring with them many health benefits. They are reasonably priced and can cost about $0.54 per pound. 


Russet potatoes can be eaten with the skin and bring with them benefits to the brain and immune system. They contain large amounts of vitamins C and B. They are also a reliable source of fibre, which means they play an important role in digestion and appetite control. 


Russet potatoes are also rich in minerals such as potassium. Russet potatoes can be baked or boiled and work really well as a side dish. There are several ways you can prepare russet potatoes and can be a valuable addition to your meals. 


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7. Spinach

This superfood is one of the healthiest leafy greens available. It isn’t expensive and is reasonably priced at about $2 per 9-ounce (255 grams). 


Spinach contains a wholesome amount of vitamin K which is an integral element of bone health. It also works to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. 


Spinach also works to boost your immune system and contains rich amounts of vitamin A, C, folate and manganese. They contain beneficial plant compounds that reduce inflammation and prevents chronic diseases. 


You can add spinach to a salad or casserole. You can even add spinach into soups. It can be blended into smoothies and can be a great source of nutrients. 


If you would like to understand the various health benefits of spinach as a superfood, we recommend you read our article on, ‘Is Spinach a Superfood? (20 Health Benefits of Spinach in your Diet).’ 


8. Onions

Onions are a versatile vegetable that is added to various dishes. It is one of the more popular vegetables and brings with it many health benefits. 


They are rich in antioxidants which protect you against heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. They also contain small amounts of several nutrients including, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6 and potassium. 


You don’t need to use a whole lot of onions in your dishes, a small portion goes a long way. It is extremely versatile and can work to add some great flavour to almost any dish. 


Onions are nutritious and rather affordable. At about 1$ a pound, it is a fairly low priced vegetable that is so versatile that is a necessary addition to your grocery list. 


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9. Broccoli

You know how parents say, ‘eat your broccoli!’ Well, it is fairly said, for broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables available. It contains almost every nutrient that your body needs.


It is rich in vitamin C which boosts immune health and also contains good amounts of vitamin K and folate. Vitamin K and folate play a significant role in blood clotting and works to prevent certain neural tube birth defects. 


The antioxidants in broccoli can work to prevent various chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. 


Broccoli is rather affordable considering the nutrient value it provides. At roughly $1.60 per head of broccoli, nutritionally, it is well worth the purchase. 


Broccoli can be enjoyed raw or cooked. It works great in salads and can be a simple and elegant addition to soups and casseroles. 


10. Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is more affordable than fresh pumpkin and carries the same set of nutrients. It is a vegetable that is rich in vitamin A and is a great addition to various dishes. You can make pancakes, smoothies, pasta and even cookies using pumpkin. 


Pumpkin is also loaded with potassium, vitamin C and fibre. The fibre is great for your digestive health and can work to better control your appetite, while vitamin C provides a boost to your immune system. Pumpkin also contains antioxidants that stop the damaging effects of free radicals. It works to prevent diseases like cancer and is certainly a valuable addition to the diet. 


It isn’t expensive to purchase. It usually goes at about $1 for a can. If you find it on sale, you would even be able to get 2 cans for a dollar. 


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11. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is such a beautiful vegetable and can be enjoyed in various ways. You can prepare cauliflower in various ways; boil them, add them to a salad or even to soup. 


It is as nutritious as broccoli and is packed with vitamin C, potassium and fibre. You can buy cauliflower whole, frozen or riced. Cauliflower even works great as a healthy rice alternative which is considered more nutritious than rice. 


Cauliflower isn’t too expensive. It is reasonably priced at around $2 a pound. You can easily include cauliflower into your grocery list without hurting your budget. 


12. Green Beans

Green beans are affordable and nutritious and is a delight to include in dishes. They work well boiled, in soups and can even be added to noodles and stir-fries. 


They are packed with vitamin A, C and fibre and is a good source of plant-based protein. They are high in vitamin K and also contains a decent amount of calcium. They work to promote the health of bones. They also contain B vitamins which are an important aspect of mental health. 


While fresh green beans are more expensive at around $2.10 per pound, canned green beans are a lot more affordable at around $0.82 a pound. 


Green beans can be a nutritious addition to your meals and can be a valuable source of nutrients. 


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To Conclude

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. There are a host of things that you can include in your grocery list that is sure to be both affordable and healthy. 


When it comes to vegetables, you want to ensure that you are getting the most nutritional value for the money that you are spending. Relying on the 12 cheapest healthy vegetables that we provided, you are sure to be able to source affordable vegetables to include in your healthy lifestyle. 


You can most certainly eat healthy on a low budget. All you have to do is gather the information laid down in this article and make your purchases as an informed consumer. All vegetables are great for your health and these are the 12 healthiest vegetables that are also the most affordable. 


We hope you enjoyed reading this word to word and that you found this article useful. If you find more affordable vegetables that should have made the list, drop them in the comments below!


Happy Munching!

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